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The Best Composting Worms Available -Excellent Live Bait for fishing proven to be effective, They are truly "Live" Red Wigglers on your hook.
I feed my worms a highly nutritious diet of Egg Laying Crumbles and Fine Cornmeal that makes them large and healthy.-A great treat for your pet bird, or reptile! This Worms are packed with nutrients that your pet will love!

Worms are great because they produce Vermicast, they Aerate your soil, are an effective Live Bait.

What is Vermicast?
Vermicast, commonly reffered to as "Black Gold" is the byproduct of Red Wiggler Worms. In nature Red Wiggler worms are voracious eaters that eat the "trash" in soil and out the other end, comes castings! The castings contain a rich amount of micro and macronutrients that feed your soil in a different way than conventional fertilizer. The N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) levels of Vermicast is relatively low(1-1-1) compared to conventional fertilizer and because of this you will never get nutrient burn using Vermicast. Vermicast is known to naturally combat aphids and other pests in your soil. Vermicast is great because it is slow release so a one time application every 4 months is all that is necessary to get wonderful results.

Why Live Red Wigglers?
Live Red Wigglers in your soil is a game changer for your plants because the worms will aerate the roots constantly. Since most of our issues with plants comes from root rot, this will be an effective fight against molds and bacteria's that commonly devastate plants.

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