Keeping Red Worms During Winter Months

Worried that you may not be able to keep composting worms during the winter months? Here are a few different ways to keep your Red Wigglers alive during the harsh winter ahead. 

One Method is to insulate your compost bin. This can be done rather easily by adding some leaves or hay to the top of your bin and then cover it with a tarp or contractor bag. This method is for when there are freeze days, and as soon as you can you should remove the cover and feed again to keep your worms thriving. This is a cheap option that is effective when facing a cold snap, where the worms will be able to be buttoned up for a short period. 

Another Method in cold regions where it is almost always freezing is to move your compost bin inside to an insulated garage or an insulated shed. If you have access to a heating mat, like the style used by a terrarium, you can move to a non insulated shed and keep warm with the mat. 

Tips on Cold weather vermicomposting: 

1. the worms will basically go dormant if it gets too cold

2. lower your feed amount  because you may have more unwanted insects

3. insulate or heat your worm bin if it is freezing temperatures


Happy Composting,

Until Next Time